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We understand that every client is different.


Each client’s needs are unique.

We work closely with all parties to design and implement customised solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Cool Rooms

Coolroom production and installation is a vital component of the food and beverage industry, as well as various other sectors requiring controlled temperature environments.


These specialised rooms are meticulously designed and fabricated to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels to ensure the preservation of perishable goods. With both off-the-shelf, and custom designed solutions, any space can become a coolroom with the help of the MB team.

 2. Coolrooms.jpg

Energy + Automation

Sustainable energy solutions for our clients have become increasingly important in today’s environmentally conscious world. MB Group are continuously researching and testing methods to manage the energy intensity, carbon emissions and operational costs for our clients whilst maintaining the integrity of their temperature sensitive products.

MB Group offer a range of innovative energy efficiency solutions for existing plant and equipment, including controls and valve refits, glass doors refits for supermarkets, heat recovery systems, high-efficiency heat pumps, custom-designed transcritical CO2 systems, high-efficiency motor retrofits and smart monitoring and control systems.

Energy & Automation

Process Cooling

Process cooling is a critical component of various industries, including mining, agriculture, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, and logistics.


These types of industries often require advanced equipment such as high capacity chillers, bast freezers, cold storage warehouses, and refrigeration plants that can handle high volumes of goods and materials with the ability to maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels.

Whether the requirement is a complex process chilling application or a multi-temperature cold storage warehouse, there is no job too big, or small, for our dedicated team of engineers and HVAC/R specialists.

Process Cooling
Image by Aaron Burden

Blast Freezing

Blast freezing (also known as 'shock freezing', 'spiral freezing' or 'tunnel freezing') is a process designed to rapidly cool a target product. Blast freezing is often used in food processing to quickly cool cooked foods to prevent the spread of bacteria and to prepare finished products for storage and transport. 

Blast freezing is energy intensive and usually requires the construction of specially built freezer rooms or chambers to facilitate correct airflows or integrate into production processes and conveyor lines. 

CO2 is an excellent option for blast freezing applications and its safety profile allows it to be fed directly to blast freezer evaporators for either direct expansion or as a pumped liquid. This approach eliminates the heat exchange and pumping losses found in traditional ammonia-glycol systems while simplifying maintenance and site safety protocols. 

For palletised loads, MB Group also offers a unique and flexible blast freezing approach pioneered in the USA. The system is capable of blast freezing at higher temperatures than traditional systems, yielding energy efficiency gains of over 40% without the need for specialised room construction. 

Blast Freezing
Heating & Drying

Heating + Drying

Heating and drying are critical components of various commercial, industrial and manufacturing processes, including; hydrocarbon and chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, agricultural and food processing and space conditioning.

These types of applications typically rely on boilers and air-handlers that can handle high volumes of variable heating loads at high temperatures.

MB Group offers unique CO2 heating solutions and bespoke air-handling systems for both comfort heating applications and 'high-temperature' applications such as potable hot water production (+60'C), steam pre-conditioning (+95'C) and hot air supply (+100'C) for fluidised bed drying. CO2 heat pumps can achieve efficiencies that are 100%-300% higher than traditional gas or electric boilers. 

closeup view from inside the galvanized steel air duct on the exhaust fan in the backgroun
Hospitality - Brunetti Flinders Lane.jpg
Hospitality - Brunetti Flinders Lane.jpg


From walk-in coolers and freezers to display cases showcasing deserts and beverages, hospitality HVAC/R solutions are a vital component for all establishments such as restaurants, bars and catering services.

We understand that these types of businesses heavily rely on our systems to be able to serve products at optimal temperatures to ensure that the highest standards of food safety and quality are met while also offering products in beautifully designed show cases.


Breweries + Wineries

Precise temperature control is pivotal for breweries and wineries, which rely on refrigeration systems to maintain consistent temperatures during various stages of the production process, from fermentation to storage. Cooling and conditioning the ingredients, as well as controlling the temperature in fermentation tanks and storage areas, are critical for achieving the desired flavour profiles and preventing spoilage.

MB Group can contribute to the production of exceptional brews and vintages and assist breweries and wineries to manage energy costs through the use of well-designed, energy efficient equipment and cooling strategies.

Breweries + Wineries


Supermarket HVAC/R services are a vital aspect of modern grocery store operations, ensuring the comfort of shoppers and the preservation of perishable goods. These systems encompass heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technologies tailored to the specific needs of supermarkets.


Proper HVAC/R solutions not only maintain a comfortable shopping environment but also regulate humidity and temperature levels critical for the freshness of produce, dairy products, and meats.

MB Group has pioneered a unique integrated HVAC/R design for the Australian market that ensures that all required refrigeration, heating and cooling for the site can be efficiently provided through a single CO2 system.


MB also offers a range of show cases built by some of the world's best refrigerated show case manufacturers; including Arneg, Hitline, Hussmann and JBG-2.  


Cold Storage + Logistics

Precise temperature control and flexibility is pivotal for cold storage facilities. Typically functioning as distribution or transit centres, these facilities are key nodes in the cold chain network, often storing thousands of tons of assorted products per annum. 

MB Group offers an economical and flexible multi-temperature CO2 solution for cold storage facilities, with the ability to operate a single system for either freezer rooms, cool rooms, or both simultaneously. This approach provides maximum flexibility for facility operators and owners, with the ability to adjust room temperatures to accommodate multiple product types and shifting market demands.

Industrial Storage
Cold Storage + Logistics
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