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Full service contracting  and solutions across the asset life-cycle.


MB offers a complete range of traditional contracting services; including  Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance for commercial and industrial heating cooling systems.

Our unique capabilities include the in-house design and manufacturing of bespoke cooling and heating systems of almost any size and complexity, including a variety of transcritical CO2 systems and specialised air-handlers.

We also offer a variety of contracting and engagement models, including Cooling/Heating-as-a-Service, long-duration operating leases, financed equipment and integrated energy reselling through embedded network management. This flexibility enables our customers to deploy large-scale CO2 cooling and heating solutions on long-term contracts with zero up-front costs.

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MB offers detailed design services for a variety of cooling and heating applications; including abattoirs, cold storage facilities, supermarkets and food processors.

We leverage a variety of BIM solutions to coordinate effectively with with various project stakeholders and ensure systems are thoughtfully designed, well-documented and fully coordinated.


MB maintains an extensive domestic and international supplier network that enables us to efficiently procure a diverse range of cutting-edge products and technologies from Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Our global reach ensures we can balance cost, quality and lead-time to satisfy a wide range of client requirements.


With extensive construction experience, we excel in delivering projects of the highest quality and standards.

From conceptualisation to completion, we prioritize efficiency, innovation, and safety, resulting in projects that exceed expectations.


Our comprehensive capabilities encompass a wide range of construction applications, enabling us to tackle diverse challenges with confidence and precision. Whether it's food processing, industrial infrastructure or commercial food retailing, our commitment to excellence shines through in every system we install.


Our system commissioning and optimization capability ensures that your systems operate at their peak efficiency from the start.


With meticulous attention to detail we oversee the initial setup and configuration of your heating and cooling systems, ensuring they meet your specific requirements and performance standards.


Through rigorous testing and fine-tuning, our experienced team optimises system functionality, reliability, and energy efficiency, delivering tangible results that align with your goals.


Whether it's routine inspections, preventive maintenance, or emergency repairs, we're available at any hour to keep your operations running smoothly.


Our proactive approach minimizes downtime, reduces the risk of unexpected failures, and extends the lifespan of your assets. With our commitment to reliability and efficiency, you can trust us to keep your facilities operating at peak performance day in and day out.

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ReCommissioning & Optimisation

Our system recommissioning and optimisation capability enhances the operational efficiency and sustainability of clients' assets. Through meticulous evaluation and strategic interventions, we breathe new life into existing systems, maximizing their performance and lifespan.

By optimizing energy usage, streamlining thermal processes, and implementing innovative solutions, we help clients reduce costs, minimize environmental impact, and enhance overall productivity. 


Our manufacturing capability is a cornerstone of our operational strength, characterized by precision, flexibility, and innovation. We excel in producing bespoke, high-quality systems that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our engineering, fabrication, installation and service teams work closely together, ensuring that our design and manufacturing processes integrate constant feedback based on real-world conditions in the field. 

Performance Contracting

Our performance contracting capability reflects our commitment to efficiency and our willingness to take on risks for our clients. The use of performance contracting allows us to accelerate technology adoption in the marketplace and achieve extraordinary results for our customers while minimising their operational  and financial risk. 

As part of our performance contract offering we provide tailored solutions including energy guarantees and out-come-based billing models.


Our Cooling/Heating-as-a-Service (CHaaS) offering provides our clients with a simple and straight-forward mechanism to eliminate capital expenditure and mitigate operational risk by paying for cooling and heating as they would for any other utility.

The model operates in a similar way to electrical utility billing, with cooling and heating usage charged on a monthly basis with reference to a capacity factor and kWh-r consumption. Monthly costs can also be fixed for smoother budgeting and cash-flow management.

CHaaS allows our clients to focus on optimising their core operations while cost-effectively shifting non-core risks and costs to a trusted partner.  

Embedded Networking 

The use of our embedded network offering coupled with our CHaaS offering enables MB  to provide our clients with a simple and transparent billing process in which our clients pay a monthly fee for heating and cooling, inclusive of a fixed energy component. 

This approach shifts the risk (and cost) of any system inefficiency or underperformance to MB, allowing our clients to focus on core operations while mitigating operational risk and costs.

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