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Ryan’s IGA, Ballarat VIC (Comissioned 2022)

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Ryan’s IGA

The MB team know how cold Ballarat’s winters can be so we knew that Ryan’s IGA in Ballarat required a detailed custom design to deliver adequate heating into the shop utilising 100% free heating from the refrigeration rack and custom ducting design to ensure air stratification is eliminated and heat is delivered evenly through the store.

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Project Details

Project Type – Food Retail 
Engineering Consultant – MB Group 
REF Contractor (EPCC-M) – MB Group 
MECH Contractor (EPCC-M) – MB Group
R448 Pack Type – Combined MT/LT R448 | REF
R448 Pack Manufacturer – MB Group 
R448 Condenser Manufacturer – Actrol 
Controls Manufacturer – Danfoss
Compressor manufacture – Frascold
Display cabinets Manufacturer – Hussmann

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