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IGA Baranduda, Baranduda VIC (Commissioned 2022)

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IGA Baranduda

Completed in July 2022, the MB Group team were proud to see this project through from start to finish. In close collaboration with architects, The Retail Management Group alongside The Retail Group (TRG), this project was 2 years in the making.


Project Type – Food Retail 
Engineering Consultant – MB Group 
REF Contractor (EPCC-M) – MB Group 
MECH Contractor (EPCC-M) – MB Group
Co2 Pack Type – Co2 Booster | REF+HVAC | Integrated 
Co2 Pack Manufacturer – MB Group 
Co2 Gas Cooler Manufacturer – MB Group 
Controls Manufacturer - Danfoss
Compressor manufacture – Copeland 
Display cabinets Manufacturer – Hussmann 

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Located throughout the store includes:

  •  A point about the deli display – large display area   delicatessen showcasing fine foods.

  •  MB Group – custom design fully integrated   heating/cooling and refrigeration system

  •  This store set a new bench mark for high efficiency   refrigeration/air-condition solution.

  •  25 doors of freezer, 42 doors of upright   dairy&meat display, 15m low height meals display

  •  135m storage coolrooms 

  •  Ever view liquor and diary display doors –   showcasing the product range

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