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Happy Apple – Seddon, Newport and Ascot Vale, VIC (Comissioned 2022)

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Happy Apple

Sometimes all you need is a freshen up. MB Group worked alongside the team at Happy Apple to bring a cost-effective upgrade to their three stores. At the forefront of the upgrade was sustainability and operating costs. By upgrading cases and modifying existing cabinets to now have doors it didn’t take long for following benefits to be seen:

  • Improved visibility and display of products

  • Added temperature control and monitoring system, meaning less wastage of food items not stored at the correct temperature

  • Lower operating costs

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Increased fresh food range to deliver to the changed market.

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Project Details

Project Type – Food Retail 
Engineering Consultant – MB Group 
REF Contractor (EPCC-M) – MB Group 
Display cabinets Manufacturer – Hitline

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