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A Leading Installer of  Transcritical CO2  Refrigeration Systems



Delivering High Quality Heating + Cooling Solutions Australia Wide

Who We Are

MB Group is an Australian Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC) contractor specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of complex commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems.

We are a leading installer of transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems in Australia and a champion for natural refrigerants.


What We Do

At MB Group we help our customers manage the industry's transition to natural refrigerants by offering a wide range of contracting services-including design, manufacturing, installation, system optimisation and servicing of commercial and industrial cooling and heating systems.

We believe that while R717 (ammonia) and R290 (propane) will each play a vital role in the ongoing transition to natural refrigerants, CO2 offers a unique value proposition for the widest range of commercial and industrial cooling and heating applications.


CO2's excellent volumetric efficiency, thermal transfer characteristics, high operating pressures, low GWP and attractive safety profile make it a unique refrigerant. At MB we are committed to leveraging these unique characteristics to design, manufacture and install cooling and heating systems that unlock long-term value for our customers in ways only possible with CO2.


Our commitment to excellence in every project is what sets us apart.


MB Group have strong working relationships with many prominent food retailers, food processors and other cold-chain reliant brands across Australia. This has resulted in the development of many trusted partnerships within the commercial and industrial refrigeration sectors. 

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